Hanna and Covid19

Cold breaths whisper in my ears
Friends and family have disappeared
It creeps under my skin
Loneliness and fear
Yet here I am
Dwelling on my troubling
Stupid and insipid sentimental being
Without knowledge of your presence
I was paralyzed.

Unlike your flowery name
You swept all my flower beds away
With them and the grace of God
You came to clean the unseen
Although, you are also the One
Who made all come
Together as it seems.

As we prayed through the night
The sight of your wings
And the blow of your strenght
Kept us awake
All through the night.

*something I wrote during Hanna hurricane. I’ve lost many friends during this pandemic that I dare not count anymore. Hope you all and your family are doing good. God bless

Soap not Soap Opera

My soul
Has tasted dirty waters
Of the unconscious leaders.
There is a need of soap
to wash it away
Not this soap opera
That’s filling our minds.

A soap with the aroma of love
With the texture to exfoliate
The impurities of hate
Leaving our minds
With empathy and resilience.

Let there be peace
Let there be joy
Let others be alive
Let’s recognize
Lets mourn those lives.
And above all
Let’s keep
ourselves safe.

Lluvias parte del huracan

Llovieron colores
y se unificaron.
La obscuridad
que se extinguió
Se intensifico.
Llovieron sentimientos
Y entre ellos
La patria 
Espada de dos filos
Al orgullo acuchilló.
La prepotencia
simplemente se burlo.
La ira
se manifestó
Al sistema culpó
Y todo a su paso
La acertividad
aunque sorprendida
Tuvo compasión
Mas solo observó.
Mientras la obscuridad cae
La luz se desplaza
Hacia los destellos.
Esperanza y desasosiego
Dan vuelco a este duelo.
El año en el que la tierra floreció
Y la humanidad se estremeció.

Nameless love

You are bound to be free
and that is how
I will let you be
This silence is my love.
This smile is my farewell.
I can not say
You are my first love
Yet you are the one
That hurt the most.
The moon is clear tonight
The waves are ready
To sail away.
The treasures are left
Forever to be lost
And the wind
Has set its course.
Pretty sure you will
Set foot in many ports
As for mine
Is for ever closed.
My nameless love.

Te adueñaste

Como si fuera ayer
Tu sudadera y libro
Marcaron tu silueta
En este corazón vació.

Que coincidencia
Aquel día en el que
ni siquiera te conocia
Fue como una melodía.

Mas en silencio
Como exquisitas flores
Y sonrisas coquetas
Te adueñaste de mi ser.

Tu sueter
bombón de mis recuerdos.

Tu libro
Explosión cósmica
en mi sentidos.

Y tu silueta
Conjunción de
Emociones perpetuas
En nuestro atardecer.

Si, como si fuera ayer 
me enamore de ti
Sin darme un aviso
Llegaste y explotaste
Mis sentidos.

Deformaste mi razón
con tu presencia.

Ni tiempo tuve
de poner fronteras.

Y aunque las construyera
En silencio
Como exquisitas flores
Y sonrisas coquetas
Te adueñaste de mi ser.


Libertad de aceptarme
Libertad de quereme tal cual soy
Libertad de expresarme
Y de aceptar a los demás
Sin mascaras
Sin venganzas
Ni reproches
Afrontar malas
O buenas decisiones
Sacar los esqueletos
Y volverlos cenizas
Esparcirlos a la deriva
Y embarcarnos
En una nueva etapa
De nuestras vidas.
Y así sea
que seguro volarás.

Finally free

As she was saying goodbye
The car kept moving
Her eyes kept drifting
To the past memories
The knot in her throat
Asphyxiated her soul
Barely twelve
And she’s set her goal.

“It’s finally here,
I’ve waited for twelve years
I’m finally free!
Free from him
Free from them
Free from those shackles.”

Tears ran down her face
As if shedding her fears
Leaving behind that fake
And dark world.

“My body
finally belongs to me
Not another day
Will I have to say ok
I’m finally…”

She closed her wet honey eyes
And knocked her head on the window
As if knocking monsters away.
Sighed, cleaned her face
And with determination
Faced her future ahead.

Queen of the jungle

Have you ever driven with four kids? Just to give you an idea
As soon as I start driving, the two-year old starts crying
“Please, teta, teeetaaa!” Somehow I grab the backpack from the backseat
Prepare the bottle while driving with my knee
Yes my knee, and pass it to him stretching my arm to the back.

“Mom! Oh no! I’m dying!”  My sixteen year old screams.
Of course, he means in the game, IN THE GAME!
Then again, by inertia, I turned my head as he leans
He is next to me playing again
“Easy there,” I tell myself, breathe 
Reasons, there’s too many, starting with four.
Soon after, there’s a scream from the backseat

“Dude, chill,” my seven-year old tells my 4-year-old
And he keeps screaming for God knows what 
Yet my seven-year old covers his ears and yells “mom, tell him to stop!”

“Breathe”, I tell myself again while turning off the music
Listen boys, if you all don’t stop it now
Even your dinner will go to the sink
So, do you think they listened? Of course not!
Screaming and yelling, of course my two-year old after finishing his bottle joins the chorus
Inspiring enough to think that this is a jungle. Monkeys, exotic bird and even cicadas
Nothing out of the ordinary… “Breathe,” and finally an idea popped up.
“Guys if you keep at it, there won’t be any nintendo switch for the weekend.”
Silence… Finally no buzzing, no humming nor chirping, for how long? Who knows? let’s enjoy it while it lasts.

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